• Apples – The Forbidden Fruit

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    Every thing has a crazy ancestor, therefore the apple tree, which originated from the hills of Central Asia, is sieversii that is malus. Needless to say, the types nevertheless exists today and apples have already been thriving for tens of thousands of years. Nutritious, delicious and highly versatile, these are typically a mainstay of life the global world over. Although often referred to as the “forbidden good fresh fruit,” no one takes that seriously. In France, Henry VII ended up being ready to pay top dollar (make that top franc) for apples, and their son Henry VIII maintained his own personal orchard with multiple varieties. It appears that Catherine the Great craved Golden Pippin apples and had them delivered to her palace in Russia. (When you’re a queen, you can purchase away for such a thing.)

    Over the pond, another queen, Victoria, had a penchant for baked apples. She hired …

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